Beasts of Balance

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Brand: Sensible Object

Color: multi


  • Winner - Parents' Choice Gold Award
  • Toy of the Year Finalist 2018
  • Time 'Infusing molded plastic with storylines and magic, this game shows what's possible when you pair toys and tech'
  • TableTop Gaming "One of the finest examples of physical and digital gameplay working together yet, Beasts of Balance is a seriously fun game with an irresistible personality and simple but compelling mechanics"
  • Wired "Buckaroo! meets CRISPR in the frustratingly addictive Beasts of Balance game"
  • NBC "The game takes smarts, strategy, dexterity, and best of all, teamwork"
  • The Independent "wildly inventive, gloriously addictive game which essentially re-imagines Jenga for the iPhone generation"
  • Build balancing towers and fabulous digital worlds in this multi-award-winning new, app-enabled stacking game of skill, strategy and creation

Publisher: Sensible Object, Inc. - IMPORT

Release Date: 2017-06-29

Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects


Level up family game night with this multi-award-winning game of dexterity, strategy, and creation. Players take on the role of Divine Creators, playing alone or with friends to build worlds and reach high scores by stacking magical Artefacts into spectacular towers. But this is no standard dexterity game—everything added to the tower interacts with a world that evolves on a wirelessly connected smartphone, tablet, Fire TV or Apple TV. Stack an Octopus and poof! you’ve just made a digital Octopus. Add a Migrate Artefact and shazam! you’ve turned it into a land-dwelling Rocktopus. There’s real skill in deciding on the next piece to add to the stack, and it takes smarts and teamwork to build high-scoring towers and find the most elusive beasts (there are over 150 to discover and collect); but take care—the world ends when the tower falls.

Beasts of Balance takes everything you love about digital gaming and connects it to real-world play. There’s real strategy required in keeping your beasts alive as you build while ensuring the tower stays stable and doesn’t collapse ending the world in a shower of molten lava. The gameplay promotes hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning and growth mindset, as well as building collaboration skills. The open-ended gameplay means that no two games are ever the same and the combination of digital depth and dexterity, challenges anyone and everyone, regardless of age.