KEVA Connect Builder Set

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Brand: MindWare


  • TOYS THAT TEACH: The principles behind KEVA Connect Builder Set from MindWare is the foundation of STEAM- science, technology, engineering, art and math. You'll experiment, problem solve and innovate. You'll explore angles and create patterns. Most of all, you'll have fun!
  • CREATE WITH KEVA: The simple stacking fun of KEVA takes on a new dimension with special connectors that lock the planks in place. Slide precision-milled KEVA planks into the Connect pieces to create geometric compositions or freeform structures.
  • EASY-TO-USE: To begin building with KEVA connectors just slide the connectors on the planks. That's it! You can put them in sideways or make them tall. You can even put them in at an angle.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE: These planks are the same size and shape of other Kapla or KEVA planks and thus can be used interchangeably with those systems to construct elaborate and expansive structures.
  • INCLUDES: Builder Set includes 90 planks, 54 Connects and a building idea booklet.

Publisher: MindWare

Details: One of the greatest skills a child can possess is the ability to look at things from another perspective and see things in a new way-whether solving a problem in math class or resolving an argument on the playground. Building with KEVA Connect hones the skills needed to be an effective problem solver. It combines creative thinking and critical thinking for a total mind workout. Your imagination is the only limit to what can be created with KEVA planks and connectors from MindWare.

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